W does Brunch

This has to be a short blog today, as I am still feeling the after effects of an all you can eat, all you can drink, five-star hotel brunch. We booked ‘the experience’ package and an experience it was- and we will be going back for more. The first Saturday of every month is now penciled into our diaries!

We never get dressed up in Bangkok, so this was a good excuse. I’m not a heels kind of girl either, but the measly four pairs of heels I do have lined up in our bedroom have been calling to be worn. Here we are outside our condo, ready to clip clop down into the lift and then a short stroll across to the sparkly carpets of the glitzy W hotel. It really is a five minute walk. Our bedroom overlooks it and the pain of rolling up the blinds and looking out onto it at sunrise each day is a bit of a kick in the teeth.


Upon arrival we were greeted with a little shot of something in a test tube with a little cork top. It was really cute and so delicious. A great way to start our experience. We were then given a wrist band and directed to climb the staircase.


The next view was beautiful- food, and so much of it. A desert section with macarons, cheesecake, pastries, truffles, candy floss, little pots of tiramisu with glitter on the top… Going further down there was a salad bar (but nice salads, not just boring old leaves), a mexican station, a CARVERY, pancakes, eggs benedict, made to order pizzas, quiche, charcuterie, oysters, sushi and cheese. w-brunch-5The best cheese board of time- like our family Christmas cheese boards with huge slabs of brie, stilton … I grabbed the knife and got stuck in. There was no time to waste.

The drinks section was just as brilliant. A station for mimosas, or just prosecco if you fancy it, bloody mary’s, ‘Woohitos’ (W mojitos), Tanqueray gin and tonics… We loved the lavender infused and the orange-cinnamon infused gin. In fact, we loved all the gin. After all, we got through at least 25 bottles in the 18-month lead up to our wedding just because we needed the bottles for flower vases. Possibly one of the best ideas we ever had. Of course , we kept going to the Tanqueray man for more. I think he was genuinely chuffed with our regular custom- a familiar face.


That’s dedication too. Just look at all those drinks- and they kept topping up my prosecco glass. No need to ask. Every time I came back from piling up my plate, there was a full, fizzy glass ready for me to sip. Sorry, gulp. We gorged from 12.30-5.

Brunch is a big thing here in Bangkok, and there are so many hotels to choose from. The W brunch is the first Saturday of every month and costs around 3,000 baht (£60). You get a lot for your money and it really is a fun thing to do, especially if you have nabbed a buy one get one free offer like us. We ate like pigs and drank like fish. What a great Saturday!  PS sorry there aren’t more pictures. We were so preoccupied by the food!

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  1. Pauline says:

    Looks fabulous Hannah. You and Will look so smart, relaxed and well. Great to see you having such a good time and enjoying so many experiences there. Thinking of you and sneding lots of love XX


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