How time goes by in Thailand

Looking through my blogs this morning, my status states ‘one month since Koh Samet was published’. How has another month gone by? Time went fast in the UK but time here seems to go even faster. We’ve been in Bangkok for nearly four months now and although we have done so much and seen so many wondrous sights, we both still believe that it is August. Our daily conversation has gone from ‘what shall we have for tea tonight?’ to ‘today it’s… November (insert day)…’ and it gets repeated until one of us starts laughing looking down at our flip flops and up at the blue sky. That’s why it still feels like Summer.

Last week in Bangkok…

Yes, Bangkok finally has blue sky! The rainy season is clearing and the heat is starting to feel different. The chin sweats are still part of my daily appearance and my new favourite line is that I’m sweating profusely. Every. Single. Day. But we are over it, I think. We will take the sweat for the balmy evenings and the breezy mornings.

We don’t feel the cold, ever. Other than when we are in the AC. Will feels it the most as I asked him (nicely) to sleep on the AC side of the bed, so he gets blasted most nights, waking up feeling totally refreshed. Poor, old, frosty Will. The heat has meant that we didn’t feel Halloween or Bonfire night either and this makes us sad. Our annual pumpkin carving event was well and truly cancelled by just sneaking past us, and there’s not really a need to drink red wine anymore. How awful! I was going to carve a watermelon but couldn’t be bothered rolling the beast down over the bridge from Villa Market and onto the 25th floor of our condo, like some kind of cheese rolling event. I would have been sweating profusely, so it didn’t seem worth it. Also, what would I do with all that watermelon? Our kitchen doesn’t even have enough room for tubs of peanut butter anymore.

It is very strange not feeling the cold when you have spent 27 years of your life in it at this time of year. We went for brunch last Sunday at the W hotel and someone opened the doors near us. Our minds were expecting a waft of cold air, even now, and then we felt the heat. It just didn’t make sense because when someone usually opens the doors or windows in November we feel fresh air. We do miss it. As do we miss our friends and family at this time of year when everyone starts to feel that little bit more festive.



Here is the entrance to the W hotel, and there I am after eating continuously from 12-3pm. Luckily this Chatuchak market attire provided lots of space to cover the  two smoked salmon bagels, two poached eggs, mexican eggs, waffles, chicken salad, cous cous, granola, yoghurt, four coffees and a tea. I actually sound like the flippin’ Hungry Caterpillar, although I wish I had ate through some swiss cheese like he did. Pig!




Since going to Koh Samet we have been to Phuket, Khao Lak and the Similan Islands. In one single half term. It was probably one of the best half terms we’ve ever experienced and we had so much fun. Surf lessons, snorkeling, seeing turtles, sunsets, renting scooters, sleeping on an island through a storm… Unfortunately, I’ve lost my camera. We’ve been on the hunt this morning, as the blog about these wonderful places has been well overdue. All the pictures here are from our phones. I will be writing a blog about this soon. I just need to contact ‘air asia lost and found first’ *sigh*

View from our tent. Similan Islands, Island 4.


We bette15128610_10157859728960061_1161676286_nr get finding that camera soon as we’ve just booked our Christmas trip. So sorry, we aren’t coming home… My tummy really does have the strongest urge to come back and hug and love everyone, stroke my cat and shove my hooves into my dearly, dearly missed Dr Marten’s. It’s going to be a tough few weeks being apart from our families. However, if time goes as quick as it has in the past four months, we will be home before we know it and a huge reason to come out here was to become senior wilderness explorers. With all that said, we are off to… AUSTRALIA!

This is going to be our big honeymoon and the generosity of our wedding gifts will help us to do this. Sydney to Melbourne to the Gold Coast. Thank you, everyone.


I’ve heard that our wedding video is nearly ready too. Our talented friend Mischke has been working so hard on it and it’s going to ready so, so soon. Keep checking her site for more info..

The last few pictures are our daily lives here in Bangkok. Enjoy and we will speak soon.

Thursday night rooftop fizz, ten minutes from our flat/condo.
My desk decoration
Skyping Granny and Ken, on an angle…
The local supermarket with Hollie and Jess
When Will got served a bag of Coca-Cola…
Will’s hearty breakfast
Rainy season at Bang Na
Checking out the new noodle place for lunch
Mr Jones’ Orphanage for tea and cake on Monday


5 Comments Add yours

  1. andnaps says:

    Incredible pictures! Always wondered what it would be live in Bangkok 🙂

    Alanna | Adventures and Naps 

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Alanna. I don’t know how I missed this comment. Anyway, a year later I want to say thank you. We have since purchased a wonderful Canon camera, so the epic photos keep coming in. Best wishes, Hannah 🙂


  2. Pauline says:

    Yet again Hannah, you have transported me to Thailand. You describe your life there so vividly that I feel like I am there with you both. Won’t be long now. I’m booking my ferry over to England this week ready for my flight to you on January 20th! Seems very sureal. Thank you for these blogs. I love them. Lots of love to you bothXX


    1. Hi Pauline. Thank you so much. This month really has whizzed by, but glad I could finally write another blog. We are really looking forward to you coming as it is funny not being with family at this time of year. More blogs to come- can’t wait to write about Australia! x


  3. Mo Granny says:

    Lovely photos of You and Thailand. You cannot fail to enjoy such a stunning place.
    Make the most of every second, and your blogs and photos will ensure your time there will always be remembered. We all think about you both , and love you and miss you all the
    Lots of love from Granny, Ken and CocoXxXXXXXX

    Liked by 1 person

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