The Oriental Residence

Sometimes in life everyone needs a little bit of luxury. Even if you’ve been surviving off less than one person’s salary for six weeks, you can still find ways of treating yourselves. With my sister in Bangkok, we found a way to treat ourselves… our dear Mum.

Thank you, Julie Hurn. You gave us the weekend of a lifetime!

Bangkok has a whole host of five star, luxurious hotels. But which one to choose? They all have amazing pools, breakfasts and rooftop bars for a fraction of UK prices. After so much deliberation, I choose ‘The Oriental Residence’ for our family of four.


Last minute deal- buy one night get one free? Yes please (but it gets so much better). We all packed our little bags on Friday and bowled into a taxi twenty minutes up the road, past Lumpini Park. Check out last minute deals on hotels in Bangkok, because so many have them and they are worth every penny.

Please imagine this for a second. As we stepped out of our chuggy yellow cab we were greeted by two very smart doorman, who took our bags and kindly opened the doors for us. The next minute we were being given a fresh juice in this grand hallway, with giant vases of flowers everywhere. It was stunning- marble floors, high ceilings, huge sofas.


As we sat down to discuss breakfast options, it took me about two minutes to process what was going on next to me: beach dress, stolen straw hat, flip flops and bitten toe nails, right down the end. Also a crate of wine jangling around on one arm and some Bose speakers hooked into the other. Who was this party-goer? Out of place doesn’t even cut it.

But there was no stopping this girl as all of a sudden she is being asked if we want to upgrade to a two-bedroom suite…

‘For how much?’

‘Complimentary, ka’

‘Um, yes, okay, that sounds fine’

Fine? More than fine, I’d say. We took the deal and got in the lift- 7th floor. Right down at the end of the hallway sat our suite. Accompanied by a member of the Reception staff, we had to play it so cool. ‘Oh it’s lovely’, ‘oh look a coffee machine’, ‘yes this will be fine, thank you’. But the moment that door shut… Floor rolling, high leg ‘sporty spice’ kicks, press ups, wall humping- the lot! The excitement just got the better of us and the inner child was unleashed. Just look at this… What would you do?


Maybe this?

It was a truly beautiful site to behold and the smugness didn’t take long to creep into my chubby cheeks (too much Thai green curry). After reading through the room service menu like everyone does when they get to their hotel room, and dancing around the kitchen with proso in hand, it was time to hit the pool for happy hour and sunset drinks. More prosecco, please (included in the happy hour… did they know we were fast approaching?)



As the sun started to go down, the glassy skyscrapers of Bangkok began to shine, and so the games began. Boys will be boys (and Kate) of course. During this tournament we remembered how Kate used to be reining discus champion. The boys had no chance.

*Can you believe that this is rainy season?

Our evenings at the Oriental were mostly spent around our dinner table, ordering room service, sharing bottles of wine and devouring G and Ts. We laughed about the party-goer at Reception and shared stories about Klongs. It was truly a civilised experience!


Between these moments of civilisation and being grown up, we hit Khao San road. Enough said.

Luckily, the morning after the night before gave us this delicious breakfast. Please note that there were three very strong bloody Mary’s on the side of these plates of goodness. Needless to say, they were very much appreciated. I’m not mentioning the cheese board because one should not get so excited about cheese. Just look at that ripe brie though…


And more breakfast… This time, by the pool, and only a mere one hour later. We told you we can eat…

The Oriental Residence was a little weekend of luxury for all of us, where we spent our time not to caring about money and pretending that this was going to last forever. Of course, it didn’t and saying goodbye was so hard, especially when all four in the biggest bed in the world for post-breakfast belly rest suddenly halved to two. Cuddles with Kate is my favourite thing to do and the Oriental Residence was perfect for just that, in our two-bedroom suite with squashy beds and huge pillows, as well as the giant pods by the pool.



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  1. Pauline says:

    Memories are made of this! Special experiences like your time at the Oriental Resience together will stay with you forever. XX


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