BKK *sister special


What would you do if your sister just turned up outside your condo, from half way across the other side of the world? No warning, no hint, no sneaky little side comment…?  I thought sister’s couldn’t keep secrets. Apparently mine can, especially if it means seeing your big sister cry like a baby.

In the days leading up to my sister’s arrival I had been told by my husband that a surprise weekend had been planned. Finally! Something romantic after nearly 8 years together. Must be because he’s a husband now. For days I imagined us escaping the city, getting on a boat/plane/train and just hanging out, with a different view. Since arriving, we haven’t really had a ‘summer holiday’. It was well overdue.

Friday arrived. Nothing. My faith in this ‘wonderful weekend’ was faltering (just a little bit), so we went to the Wine Connection and drank through a delicious bottle of white wine for 500 baht and had some pasta*

*I have been ill with gastritis for a week. I had to go to the hospital and came home with a little bag of medicine. The pain was extreme but the hospital was a lovely, little excursion. It was like a hotel- piano player, marble floors, fountains… Well worth the visit and my pre-paid insurance. 

Gastritus- one of the joys of living in Thailand, I’ve found out (the hard way).


Of course, the wine also went straight to my head and I was in bed by 9pm, dribbling onto my new Ikea pillow, and probably Will’s arm.

At 6:30am alarms were bellowing straight into my right ear. Not your ideal start to a Saturday, as was being instructed to have a shower and shove on some clothes because ‘the delivery is downstairs’. WHAT IS GOING ON? Pizza at this time, surely not? A big bunch or flowers to start our weekend? A friend at work said it might be a kitten. I felt bad for Coco, but couldn’t help thinking that this could be REAL… Sorry, Coco.

‘Han, can you open the door, please?

‘Hang on. You need to wait’

‘Quick, I need some help’

‘No. I know you are tricking me… ‘  … ‘Okay, fine’

What happened next is a feeling that I can’t even describe, but I will give it a try.

I knew what I could see, but I thought it was a trick. A trick of the mind, a trick of the wine, a trick from the husband. How can someone you love so much be in a place that your head, for so long, had warned you that they would never be, and to get used to it because that’s the choice you made? Like ‘seeing a ghost’ sounds dramatic, but my eyes were telling me one thing and my brain was telling me another. The result being a loss of any kind of facial muscle and my jaw just hanging around on the 25th floor, sweeping up, most likely still dribbling. In those eight seconds, all sorts questions started popping into my mind. How did you end up here? Don’t you have to get on a plane to get to Thailand? What about work on Monday? How are you going to get back in time? What are those leggings? Where’s your green hoody? I had to turn around and hold my head, just for a minute. It was like I was in the middle of a rub-ix cube. Actually, that’s a perfect way to describe it. Loads of combinations and nothing really matching up, then click…. and that’s when the tears came. Not just one or two. They flowed- my face scrunched up like a small pig, my voice speechless. The embrace was something very special. There’s nothing like hugging your sister and feeling like you are home, even though the sweaty armpits and the chin sweats tell you otherwise.


It turns out that they had been planning this for a few weeks. Kate, my sister, Will, my husband and Sam, Kate’s boyfriend, who Will and I both love to pieces. Yes, Sam, you are getting a shout out (btches!) What a great, great plan. A week off work? Okay, let’s go to Bangkok. Who does that? My sister, that’s who.

When you think about it, time has no real meaning (prosecco at 8am being a fine example) and loved ones can play games with time in order to be together; to share old memories and to make new ones.

My loved ones did just that. They jumped on a plane and landed in another country, ready to live in the ‘future’ for a bit, with a big bag of wine in tow to add to the haziness of it all. The memory of opening the door to them will forever live on in my mind. It was the best, most wonderful, feeling in the whole world and has made the planet feel like a very small place for adventures and new experiences.

The next blogs are going to be FUN, everyone. Watch this space.

I love you Kate. x









2 Comments Add yours

  1. Pauline says:

    The video made me cry, now your blog has made me cry!!! What a fantastic surprise and lovely, lovely thing for Kate and Sam to do. I know how much it would have meant to both you and Will. Special memories, made by special people. Love always, Pauline XX


    1. It really was. We miss all of our family so much and it hasn’t even been two months. x


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