Chatuchak Weekend Market

Chatuchak weekend market- one of the largest markets in the world. Best to get there early on a Saturday or Sunday morning, the guide books said. So, we took the advice and glad we did, making one promise to each other before we left. Not to get Hangry (hot, hungry and angry)…

The market is at the end of the BTS sky train. Stop ‘Mo Chit’. It costs about £1 to get there from the centre (we were coming from Chong Nonsi station) and about half an hour in total. You exit at number 1 and basically follow the crowds. At 10am it was busy, but by the time we left at 2:30 it was heaving and even hotter. We were the smug ones with our several shopping bags getting on the beautifully air-conditioned train with the rest of the day to be had, while others were just about to embark on the heat, humidity and ‘hecticness’.

The market sells everything and is very much like a bigger and bolder version of how Camden market used to be. It is easy to get lost down the little, narrow pathways, and a couple of times we realised that we had arrived at the same place we had been an hour ago.


At 11am we stopped for a coffee. This little coffee shop was hidden from the crowds and fashioned only two tables with stools. It was stripped back, almost bare, but with a gleaming silver coffee machine at the back, serving what we thought was one of the best black Americano’s we’ve had in Thailand. Coffee is a big thing here, which we never thought possible as London coffee snobs. Little did we know. 140 baht for two coffees, which is around £2.80. First step to not being hangry, complete.

The coffee certainly gave us the boost we needed for powering around the market. First stop: the vintage clothes. One thing to say here, if anyone asks me where my clothes are from, my number one answer is ‘charity shops’. Since leaving London my visits to these have been few and far between. That’s nearly five weeks of not bargain hunting! How did I survive? Taught only by the best, my Gran, bargain hunting is the epitome of all of my shopping experiences. The vintage section at Chatuchak: BLOODY BARGAIN HEAVEN. Please keep reading to find out what I purchased at the market, and what I paid. I still can’t quite get over my thriftiness. Highlight of my weekend.

Even Will got involved this time, trying on another pair of loafers, much to my dismay. Apparently £14 was a bit too much. I’d say! Especially with those tassels dangling around.

Apart from buying vintage dresses, skirts, tops and shoes, you can also buy flowers.

Look how beautiful they are- and all organised by colour. The pastel pinks reminded me of all my chunky knit pink jumpers that I gave away. Girls, I hope you are treating them well. I do miss a good old snuggle in a pink jumper…

Hangry avoidance number two: smoothies and pancakes.


This combination was absolutely delicious.


Having refreshments is definitely a huge part of the Chatuchak experience, and you can find loads of little eateries down the meandering pathways. What you see above you is a banana, passion fruit and pineapple smoothie, without milk as I’m dairy intolerant (but can eat cheese, obviously…) That was 75 baht, £1.50. Above that little gem are Will’s ‘monkey tower’ pancakes (125 baht, £2.50) , served with two sets of cutlery.. Perfect for diving on in even when it’s not yours. Sharing IS caring. You can even see them making the pancakes fresh, which is a great sign.


So, what else is on offer at Chatuchak? Only another question can answer that… ‘What isn’t?’ Fancy a new clock? Or perhaps some nice vases, or some coffee cups and saucers for when you fancy a coffee at home? We bought nearly all of these things for ridiculous prices and now our condo is finally feeling more homely. We are sad to say that we didn’t actually buy the clock, but kind of wish we had as it reminds us of home.


The heat did start to hit us around 2.30pm, after shopping for just over three hours. However, the experience was not as stressful as we had anticipated and our day was very chilled out. The words ‘I might go back next weekend’ were even uttered by Will.

The expression ‘shopped out’ is fitting here. The hairstyles say it all…

Thank you for reading this new entry. For anyone exploring Bangkok for more than a few days Chatuchak is definitely worth a visit for the culture, the smells and the sights. I would like to finish by raving one more time about my purchases, which is also why it’s worth a visit. Here they are:

  • Three vintage dresses
  • Two slouchy blouses
  • Two casual T-shirts


The grand total?

1,100 baht… £24, and that was for ‘BIG SIZE’.



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  1. bellabegood says:

    Beer shop..??? Did it sell good alcohol? X x

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