Finding a Condo in Bangkok

How to find a condo in Bangkok?

  1. Look around with an Estate Agent (each are experts in different areas)
  2. Choose one of the many, many empty ones that are around
  3. Wait a day for it to be cleaned
  4. Move in- ta dah!

However, us being us, this didn’t happen. I also managed to leave my new sunglasses in one of the condos, only to go back and try and explain in English what I had done. It took about 20 minutes for all parties (me, Will and three Thai staff) to finally understand each other and then there they were, shining in the sunlight in the 19th floor condo. Like long lost treasure…

We have looked around too many condos to count the total exactly. Probably about 25. From huge two bedrooms over-looking the city skyline, to small 1 bedrooms with beautiful pools and yoga rooms. What’s the priority? The swimming pool, the gym, the space, the decor, the location, the second bedroom?



We thought we had found the one- a HUGE two bedroom condo right next to the station that felt like only business men and women could afford to live in a place so stunning- when we so happened to bump into an ex-teacher at my school who I have been emailing for several months. What are the chances? Her and her husband asked us why we were spending so much money when we could get somewhere a little smaller and save for travel etc. You pay for space here, not the decor or even the location really (unless very far out of Bangkok). Spanner in the works is an understatement and the need for a Starbucks in the local shopping mall was essential (they are everywhere here and everyone loves them). So our choice of a 130 sq metre condo halved to a 65 sq metre condo with a huge saving of about £300 per month. It has a rooftop pool and BBQ, gym, concierge, views across the city- what more do we actually need? We are already looking at flights to Phuket in the next few weekends…

The problem with finding a condo here compared to a flat in London is that it is not a ‘dog eat dog’ situation. There are hundreds of condos that are empty, ready to move in within a day. You can negotiate on price and probably get it! You have more time to think, to change your mind, which is bad for us, as we can never make a decision. I often wonder how we managed to do our wedding and go out with such a bang… Also, as newcomers to this life all we can relate to is our idyllic garden flat in Forest Hill, or our big room in a townhouse in Kentish Town. The thought of living in a skyscraper in a modern flat with swimming pools is so alien that nowhere feels ‘right’. We don’t know what ‘right’ is here yet. However, our cosy condo seems pretty fun and we do have a small little room for guests. Anyone want to visit?


We are aiming to move in by Friday, ready for our induction at the weekend. In the meantime, we will continue to try out all the amazing restaurants and cafes there are in this area, race up and down the canals on Klongs (fast canal boats) and walk around with beads of sweat like everybody else in this city- a city that has so far impressed us, despite those busy roads and horrendous traffic!






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  1. Pauline says:

    What a brilliant blog Hannah. It’s like sitting and listening to you, I forget the distance when I read your account of the exciting events in your lives. The condo sounds great and I am really looking forward to seeing you both there. How wonderful to bump into your old teacher and get such useful advise. Serendipity…… I love it. It’s happening to me several times a day here and it helps me to know that I am in the right place even when I have a wobble. Hugs to you both, lots of love Pauline xxx


    1. I’m glad that it sounds like me, Pauline. I don’t want anyone to forget about us! I’m sure a wobble will be had soon… X


  2. Mal bradshaw says:

    Love your blog and the photos brought back some brilliant funny memories. Enjoy your time there I know you will adore it xx


    1. Thanks Mal. It’s a wonderful city! X


  3. Kate says:

    Great read Hanni and will:) glad you have found somewhere and defo think you have done the right thing by saving money and using it to travel around. Can’t wait to come and stay, have a bbq, try out the pool and hit the gym…..maybe!!! Miss you and love you xxx


    1. Thank you, Kate! We can’t wait for you to arrive. We are getting the DL on great places for us to have cocktails with you two! The research of this is so much fun. X


  4. Yvonne wood says:

    Loved reading your blog Hanna , will follow you both, so interesting , wish you both every happiness and success in your life together, take care , stay safe , and be happy and in love always, Von xxx


  5. Yvonne wood says:

    THANKYOU for sharing your wonderful experience, will follow you with anticipation, stay safe Xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Yvonne. It’s a great way of remembering and keeping in touch with loved ones on the other side of the world. X


    2. Thanks Yvonne- hope you are still keeping up to date. Many thanks for reading. Hannah


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