Arriving in Bangkok


We made it! We have arrived safely in Bangkok. First hit? The heat. Stepping off the plane was like stepping into a sauna, or into that hot yoga room that I used to go to when I was trying to be more ‘centered’ and ‘calm’…

Saying goodbye was difficult, but doable. There were a few tears and repeated hugs, a last longing glace at parents and in-laws ‘just in case we forget’ and so on. However, that was it. The crash didn’t come. Perhaps this was thanks to the swipe of a credit card in Sunglasses Hut for a casual Ray Ban distraction. It worked! In a few months when this no longer feels like a holiday, perhaps this quick fix won’t fit it. Homesickness, hi there!

So what have we done in the past day and a half? We got picked up from the airport by our school’s taxi man and got dropped off at our hotel. We were upgraded, so currently writing this from our ‘lounge’ overlooking the city. For 12 hours we slept- much needed and was so lovely to stretch out rather than trying to curl up in several positions in economy (much harder when you are tall, by the way). We’ve walked around the area by my school and got so tired that we ended up in a Thai version of Nando’s….  in a shopping mall. £16 for three meals, two rice and four soft drinks. It was delicious!

This needs a separate paragraph. Unfortunately, the Harts decide to arrive the day before a referendum, so no alcohol ANYWHERE from 6pm until midnight the following day (today). As a result we have been T TOTAL for nearly the whole weekend. How delightful. Just look at that healthy glow!

Now that parts over, we have also looked around 12 flats (called ‘condos’ here), ranging from 35,000 baht to 85,000 baht. That’s roughly £600-£1600 per month. Considering all of these had at least two bedrooms, concierge, a gym and swimming pools the value for money is simply ridiculous compared to London. These were also in an area the equivalent of Liverpool St/London Bridge in London. Have we found our Bangkok home? Possibly. Some more flat viewings lined up for tomorrow.

The trains, taxi’s and shopping malls here seem so modern and new- not like our Thameslink train in London that never works. The trains are more like the overground, which usually do work, and are nice to sit on when not packed. We have also found our favourite thing… Coffee shops! So many of them and the coffee is good, and this is coming from coffee snobs and big no-no instants. The wonderful news? There are many to choose from right outside my school- also INSIDE my school, just in case, you know, I need an hourly pick me up.

The adventure has definitely begun and the move smoother than anticipated. Over and out as it’s 10pm here and in the morning we may take this T-totalness in our stride and get up early for a jog around Lumpini Park in 26 degree heat. Hot yoga, have you prepared us?





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  1. Auntie Di says:

    Well done Hannah and will glad to see you embracing everything including the heat and culture. Be even better when you find your own place and make it your home. Enjoy (we’re all hungover here btw after a night out in cheltenham 😫 Love you lots keep up the blog. Xxxx


  2. Pauline says:

    Loving the blogs Hannah. It’s great to know you are enjoying it so much. Lots of love Pauline XX


  3. Hahaha our last weekend was during the referendum – no final good bye Bangkok drinks, heart breaking. Have a great time! Keen to read more 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your comment. That’s a shame! Enjoy your travels and I will follow your blog. Thank you for following mine. X


  4. Welcome to Bangkok! I love this post, it reminds me of all the things I thought and felt when we got here two years ago in exactly the same position!


    1. Thank you Rebecca! We are getting more Bangkok savvy every day. X

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