1 day left… goodbye Stroud

Stroud. Heart of the five valleys. After living in London for nearly 9 years, coming back makes you realise just how lovely the Cotswolds are. After all, we did get married here two months ago. There is a real sense of nostalgia here- and fresh air!

We’ve had another week of our dear family in Stroud- and another party! The best thing about moving away so far is all the celebrations that are had, and getting people together. The worst thing will be, of course, saying goodbye. These celebrations certainly make you realise what you are leaving behind. The tough thing, at the moment, is not really knowing what you are gaining by moving to another country. Is the grass greener?

Today is the final pack. I am stating it here so that I don’t re-pack again. My bag is roughly 25kg at the moment and we can take a max of 30kg. Yesterday we bought new trainers, sandals and pretty much the whole of boots. Of course, I’m panicking that day and night nurse won’t be sold in Bangkok. It is my ‘go to’ medicine when I’m stuffy and looking like a pig. Nothing else will do. So, lots of that was purchased. As well as anti-hystamines. We are dreading those bites… Let’s hope that all of this fits in my bag.

We fly at 9:25pm tomorrow. IMG_2188





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