7 days left… Goodbye Leek Town

IMG_0515Well, what a week this has been! Mostly filled with the following: food, drink and….. running! Exercise has been very important to us considering the fact that we have been eating like pigs. We hope to be slightly healthier in Thailand… Yes? No?

Are we kidding ourselves?

Today we say goodbye to Will’s home town, ‘Leek’. It’s a sad day, but we have had a great time here with Will’s family, with my new sister in law as host. The three course Thai meal she planned and made us on Wednesday was just the sweetest thing ever- always so thoughtful, puts me to shame… Thai red curry, duck, Singha beer, watermelon margharitas… All delicious things- we are very lucky. We have also been BBQ-ing with Will’s best men and school friends where we continued to throw food down, dinner-ing with family and on Saturday Will’s family threw us a surprise party with a huge buffet. Yes, another food-related occasion. Needless to say, I, the ‘vegetarian’, spent most of my time chucking down as many sausage rolls as possible in the corner, hidden from sight… I also managed to take a plate home, for later.

The Peak District is a beautiful place with little towns and villages that have funny names, like ‘Leek’, ‘Winkle’ and ‘Dovesdale’ to name but a few. Will spent time here growing up and together we have spent time here walking, running, pub-ing (is that even a word?), camping, festival-ing and even sledging. It is sad to say goodbye.

Today’s plan is to drive to Stroud where we get to hang out with my family for a week. Even though we’ve packed our suitcases well, we have somehow managed to unpack about five times in a panic to find clothes that actually fit. Top tip: if packing for moving abroad be prepared to unpack and repack a million times before actually being happy with the result.

We leave in one week.




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