13 days left…Goodbye London

last day ht

We haven’t been on here for a while, because things have gone crazy! In the past three days we have done the following:

Moved our beloved cat, Coco, to my Gran’s/Left our jobs in London/Said goodbye to our London friends/Said goodbye to our home/Said goodbye to London after nearly nine years of living there/Packed our life away into millions of boxes (including ones being shipped to Thailand!)/Drove to Stoke on Trent on a hangover

I thought it would be harder, but at the moment everything seems to be ticking along nicely and we haven’t done much crying. It doesn’t feel real. We still think we are going on holiday, and I wonder when it’s finally going to sink in… I worry for the people who will be with us on the day that it does because someone is going to need to stock up on those tissues (piggy-eyed springs to mind!) and provide us with endless cuddles.

Ironically, we were originally going to get married next week too… MARRIED, NEXT WEEK?! What the hell were we thinking. I’m so glad we changed the date and have time to chill out with family. So, here goes a week in Stoke on Trent with Will’s lovely family and a week in Stroud with mine. We have champagne in the fridge and lots of expensive gin. We should be fine.

T minus 13 days until we fly to Thailand.

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