Pack up your troubles…

coco july 2016
Please don’t go…

Today our boxes arrived from ‘seven seas worldwide’. Amongst calling what feels like a million banks and utility bill companies to tell them we are leaving, we started wrapping things up to take to Bangkok. Will also mowed the grass to have a break because ‘paperwork makes me feel stressed, that’s why I don’t do it.’ Guess who does?

What do you pack? So far I’ve packed mostly photos and albums as I think these things will make us feel at home, especially when we have sad moments. I don’t think you can put a price on that, so I will happily pay to ship them over.

In case anyone was wondering. I researched seven seas and it had good reviews. We paid a deposit online on Sunday and the boxes arrived today (two days!) It all seems very straightforward, but you do need your visa first before you ship. The large boxes are a very good size. We have one each (technically, but I may have some extra shoes to put in my husband’s box, as he won’t have much stuff, of course).

All in all, a productive day. Expect someone is guarding my passport whilst trying to attack my big ball of string.

Only four more sleeps with our cat, Coco.. Sad times ahead. I’m glad I’ve packed those photos…




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