In 30 days we leave for Bangkok. For two years! This is madness. We only just got married.’Are you excited?’ is a question we are asked most days. Even the Natwest lady sounded excited when I told her I needed to change my address… to Bangkok. In one word, yes, we are, but also very nervous and a not really sure what to expect, whether this is even the right decision and what this decision will add to our grand old lives.

I thought it would be a good idea to start a blog. I say ‘I’ because my husband just laughed when I told him I was going to start one. However, we are leaving lots of loved ones behind and this seems like a great way to keep in touch about all the adventures we are, hopefully, going to have. Anyone else who is thinking of making what feels like a ‘leap of faith’ too, I hope that this blog may come in useful. We are both ‘blogger virgins’, haha, funny, so this should be an interesting ride.

So, hello! Welcome to our blog. I’m Hannah and my husband is Will, for most people reading you will probably already know this. In 30 days we leave for Bangkok.. The experience of doing this starts now.

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